A hub for space science research at LLNL

The Space Science Institute is Lawrence Livermore’s hub for:

  • Developing new space science mission concepts, instrumentation, and enabling technologies;
  • Driving collaborative discoveries; and
  • Growing the scientific and engineering workforce.

Building on a long history of excellence in space science and instrumentation, the institute aims to address important questions in astrophysics and planetary science through cross-discipline collaboration.

While studying topics such as the nature of dark energy and the origin and evolution of our solar system, our research also provides foundations for space security missions and other Livermore programs.

Extraterrestrial material used in cosmochemistry research

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Dual-purpose cosmochemistry research allows us to unravel the history of the solar system while developing techniques applicable to the Laboratory’s nuclear forensics research. Onsite capabilities help us uncover clues about the solar system from extraterrestrial materials.

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