The Space Science Institute (SSI) builds on Lawrence Livermore’s strengths in planetary science, astrophysics, nuclear science, optics, engineering, data science, and computing to develop high-impact projects and a mission-ready workforce.

The institute fosters a strategic vision for LLNL’s space science research, ensuring relevance and visibility in the external community. It enhances internal and external collaborations by bringing scientists with ideas for new experiments or observations together with hardware groups or others to translate ideas into new projects.

SSI supports and builds on existing collaborations with other hubs for space research, such as NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.

Our foundations

LLNL has a long history of excellence in space science and technology; our researchers have contributed to many experiments, space missions, and projects at ground-based observatories. With this foundation, SSI strengthens the bridge between space science and space security by building the scientific workforce and creating a more interactive community of space scientists.